Best Optics in Polarized Sunglasses for Boating

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Most people choose sunglasses simply for style and sun protection. Most of the time style comes first and protection is simply the result – an afterthought. However, there is one aspect of sunglasses that is often ignored and should actually be the most important: optics.

You should buy sunglasses based on the quality of the optics, or more importantly, where the quality of the optics is the best, or close to it. Quality of optics meaning: Clarity, zero distortion or aberrations, improved colors and contrast along with glare reduction.
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Maui Jim Lighthouse Sunglasses Review with Maui HT High Transmission Lenses

Maui Jim Lighthouse Review Thumbnail

It’s about time we review a pair of Maui Jims! We decided to start with a Maui Jim Lighthouse review. These have HT or High-Transmission, green-tinted lenses. What are they good for? Read on to find out. There’s a reason we went with the Maui Jim HT lenses for this review. If you’ve been following [...]

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Sailing in Croatia at the Dubrovnik International Croatia Regatta

Croatia Regatta Thumbnail

Recently the good folks and organizers of the Dubrovnik International Regatta held off the coast of Croatia contacted FloatWays to let us know about the event. The Dubrovnik International Pursuit Race Regatta is a pursuit style race. It’s held in one of the premier sailing venues in the Mediterranean. This area also happens to be [...]

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Small Yachts for Cruising Have All Grown Up

Small Yachts Thumbnail Image

Small yachts for cruising were a lot more common a few decades ago. Some may disagree, but like most everything else, yachts have been getting bigger and bigger. Meals got bigger – and so did the bellies. Cars got bigger – and somewhat shrunk again. The most popular trucks on the market all got bigger [...]

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Tiller Steering Vs. Steering Wheel on a Sailboat

Sailboat steering thumbnail

Given that I grew up sailing on boats with tillers, namely Sunfish and Hobie Cats, I have lately been inclined to wanting something different – A giant stainless steel steering wheel. But which is better? As you’ve probably guessed, neither is necessarily better, they are just different. A tiller and a steering wheel both possess [...]

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Buying a Jet Ski Over a Boat – Why Would You do That?

Boat with girls thumbnail

What’s better, a boat or a Jet Ski? That really depends on you. Would you rather buy a Jet Ski over a boat? Let me tell you right away… I’m biased. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t listen to me. At the very least, it’ll give you another angle – perspective, if you will, as to [...]

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Boat Graphics Alternatives – Vinyl, Printed or Painted

Boat Graphics Thumbnail

With today’s technological advances, there are many ways to tackle the task of designing and producing boat graphics. Back in the day, and I mean about 15 years ago, the most common ways to have graphics applied to your boat was via plotter-cut vinyl or by hand painting them on. The biggest problem is that [...]

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34th America’s Cup 2013 San Francisco Planning Dilemma

Oracle Racing Boat Thumbnail

In a way, the America’s Cup can be compared to the Olympics. Not of the same worldwide magnitude, but a gargantuan event nonetheless. An entire city has to prepare for the America’s Cup in much the same way an entire country prepares for the Olympic Games. For the 34th America’s Cup 2013, San Francisco needs [...]

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The FloatWays Absolute RC Boats Guide for Speed Loving Racers

RC Boats Post Image Thumbnail

Back in the mid 90′s RC boats where the rage. On any given weekend there would easily be at least 50 racers at the lake all racing their boats in their respective classes. Since then the hobby has matured and settled down a bit, but has been showing constant growth again in the last couple [...]

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Fractional Rig vs. Masthead Rig – Which is Better?

Of course, you’ve probably guessed that neither is necessarily better. There are pros and cons to both. There are sailors that love their fractional rigs and those that prefer masthead rigs. The fractional rig is very popular amongst racing sailboats. Essentially, a fractional rig has the forestay attached to a point a ways below the [...]

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